Creative Inspiration

Sugar Hill near Watkins Glen

My inspiration comes from the wilds and from the endless variety of patterns among the trees and the rocks and the hills. I'm drawn to ephemeral boundaries, such as those that exist between water and stone, civilization and the wilderness, and between past and present, where contrasts of light, shadow, texture and emotion exist.

I began experimenting with photography in college in the mid-1980s. A strong interest in computers and digital technology led to a complete transition to digital photography in 2006. I embraced not only digital cameras, but the array of opportunities that the medium can provide. Not every photo in my portfolio is an exact replica of what existed before my eyes at the time the photo was taken, but my photos capture a vision that was in my heart and mind and seek to transport the viewer and enable them to share that vision.

Although I most commonly photograph the natural world, I've also successfully engaged in commercial photography, created portfolios for artists, and mentored beginning photographic enthusiasts. I show my work at art shows around Upstate New York. I am based in upstate New York, but I've also traveled extensively and photographed all up and down the eastern seaboard of the US, particularly in the Appalachian Mountains, all over my home state of Virginia, the red rock country of the Southwest, California, Washington state, eastern and maritime Canada, the Yukon, and Scotland.

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